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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Houston uses the natural power of green cleaning products to remove typical carpet stains, such as tea and coffee stains, fat and protein contaminations, ink stains, pollution caused by domestic animals, pet odors, and more.

Choosing the right carpet cleaning method is important because the wrong method could very well ruin your carpets. Our experts will select the method that is most suitable for cleaning your specific carpet fibers and carpet padding.

Most carpets can be cleaned up using a hot water extraction method which is usually referred to as carpet steam cleaning. However, if your carpets risk color loss, our specialists recommend a dry carpet cleaning method instead.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Process - Four Easy Steps:

  1. Pre-treatment of the carpet with a special cleaning agent which dissolves and absorbs dirt.
  2. Rug or carpet cleaning by mechanical means. This step allows better penetration of the cleaning solution into the most problematic areas in the carpet, areas that a regular vacuum cleaner simply cannot reach.
  3. Removal of dirty water and mud with an industrial vacuum attachment.
  4. Drying clean carpet.

In the pre-treatment stage the carpet dirt is completely dissolved inside the special cleaning agent.

Then, our carpet cleaning machines reach the most inaccessible areas in the carpet allowing the cleaning agent to penetrate deeper into the carpet surface and the cleaning process to take effect.

Next, our technicians remove dirt along with the cleaning solution using our trunk mounted carpet cleaning machine. Finally, our technicians dry the carpet completely.

Floor temperature can usually vary between 5° to 10° lower than room temperature. Your carpet will be completely dry and suitable for use depending on the temperature of your room 2-8 hour later.

Good quality carpets can still contain up to one kilogram of dirt per square meter. While regular vacuuming is an integral part of general carpet care, over time this will not be enough and your carpet will need a professional carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning Houston TX's specialists recommended repeating this process no more than once a month and no less than twice a year.

When the time come call Carpet Cleaning Houston at 713-344-1583.

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Cleaning Tip

Vacuuming is the simplest way to clean your carpets because dry particles comprise up to 70% of all dirt and bacteria accumulated inside the carpet.

Carpet Types Carpet Cleaning Houston Treats:

- Berber carpet
- Shaw carpet
- Frieze carpet
- Wool carpet
- Mohawk carpet
- Wall to wall carpet
- Shag carpet
- Vinyl carpet

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