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Wood Floors Refinishing

Carpet Cleaning Houston TX offers professional floor refinishing services to help you maintain your hardwood flooring at affordable prices.

How to Prevent Damaging Wood Floors

Clean floor provides you with a healthy environment to live in. However, while your wood floors do not collect dust and dander like your carpets do, be sure that they still have their fair share. Not only that, but scratches and blemishes show up immediately on wood floors and look, well, unkempt.

Hardwood flooring can be easily damaged due to a variety of reasons. For instance, polyurethane coated floor when swept with hard brooms can become dull. The tiny dirt particles that get deposited on the floor can actually act as abrasives and wear away the coating on the floor, ruining your expensive investment in seconds.

Other accidents that could damage your hardwood flooring include accidental falling of heavy objects, spilling of staining liquids, or even due to careless shifting of furniture.

Extending the Life of Hardwood Flooring

You can extend the life of your hardwood flooring by ensuring it receives proper and professional care. Carpet Cleaning Houston TX's cleaning service begins with a thorough, yet gentle, sweeping of your floors. Rather than scratching the surface with tiny dust and soil particles, we gently lift these pathogens from your wood floor.

Next, our cleaning experts will inspect the condition of your floors, looking for scratches and blemishes. Scratches will then be sanded down and evened out, while blemishes will be treated.

We continue on with a buffing process and finish with an application of a polyurethane coat which should protect your floors until the next scheduled cleaning.

Professional cleaning services are an excellent way to ensure that your investment is protected and properly maintained.

Call us at 713-344-1583 any day of the week to schedule your wood floor cleaning.

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Advantages of Placing Online Order

When it comes to hiring wood floor cleaning services or ordering linoleum and other cleaning products, using the internet can be highly beneficial. It is easy to compare quality of products and compare prices as you browse through the various websites.

The greatest advantage of using the internet is that you can find a number of customer reviews on the products as well as the services offered by various companies.

We do suggest that you compare the quality and price of our products and services with any leading company.

At Carpet Cleaning Houston we assure you the best value for you hard earned money. Get a free quote from us or contact our support team for more information at

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