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Rug Cleaning

As professional rug cleaners, Carpet Cleaning Houston TX treats your rugs in the way they were meant to be treated, individually. Your rugs are valuable and maybe even sentimental, therefore they deserve expert treatment. Our specialist rug cleaners know that each rug is unique and your rug will receive a cleaning treatment based on its individual properties.

How to Maintain your Rugs

You should vacuum your rugs on a daily basis to prevent grit from becoming ingrained in your rug, which will also preserve the brightness of your rug's dye. Oriental rugs in particular require some daily care. If your rug is in a well used area of your home, then it is also advisable to turn it very often to ensure even wear. Eventually, however, there will come a time when a 24-hr treatment will be recommended, usually once a year. When this happens, call Carpet Cleaning Houston, we'll give you and your rugs the customer service treatment of your lives.

Professional Rug Cleaning Service

The entrance hall of most homes is a well used area and rug cleaning may need to be more frequent for rugs or carpets in this part of your home or area that is a high traffic area.

At our private cleaning space, each rug first undergoes a dusting process to remove any embedded dirt. Once the extraneous dirt has been removed, your rug is washed separately in order to protect and revitalize natural fibers. Lastly, your rug will be dried in a temperature controlled area and will be hand groomed by a trained professional.

Like all of our services, rug cleaning with Carpet Cleaning Houston is carried out with green friendly products only. This way, you can be sure that your carpet gets the most natural and thorough clean that the modern industry can provide.

To get started call us today at 713-344-1583

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Why Pick Carpet Cleaning Houston to Clean Your Rugs

If you have hand woven oriental rugs in your home, then they should be treated with respect, and hand cleaned. You should thoroughly investigate rug cleaners before choosing one.

Carpet Cleaning Houston rug cleaning expert will never subject your precious rugs to cleaning methods that could damage the wool and spoil the look of the rug.

You should never send valuable rugs to a high production carpet cleaner unless you want them ruined. Oriental rugs should never be subjected to automated carpet rug cleaning.

Our rug cleaners will clean each rug individually in the specially designed place. You can rest assured that with us your rug will receive the best cleaning and care possible.

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