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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Houston, TX

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Houston TX operates a professional upholstery cleaning department that pairs top notch cleaning equipment with organic cleaning products to leave you with perfectly clean and fresh upholstery. Our upholstery cleaning is first class, but our prices aren't! Our customer service representatives can help build you the perfect cleaning service to match any budget.

Carpet Cleaning Houston's cleaning method is an integrated approach of:

  • A special stain remover used to remove rough stains
  • A special shampoo used to restore the vitality and color to your upholstery.
  • Deodorant to remove unpleasant odors from your furniture and that makes your upholstered furniture smell fresh long after cleaning.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

The most common method of furniture upholstery cleaning is the hot water extraction method. This method is applicable for the majority of furniture coverings, like cotton, polyester, and many synthetic combinations. Here, a hot water based cleaning solution is applied to the furniture upholstery and lining while a high-pressure vacuum simultaneously removes it.

This method avoids the use of various mechanical means, such as sponges and brushes, thus preventing damage and premature wear of the upholstered surface. A proper selection of cleaning tools and correct application of the hot water extraction method will not only clean your furniture, but will also restore it to its original beauty.

Upholstery Dry Cleaning

For effective upholstery dry cleaning water is excluded and only a dry solvent formula is used to remove the even toughest stains from your upholstery. In dry cleaning, the level of humidity should not exceed 10%.

Upholstery Cleaning Services We Offer

  • Mattresses Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Chair Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Car Upholstery Cleaning

Call us today at 713-344-1583 to schedule your upholstery cleaning with Carpet Cleaning Houston TX today!

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Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

With affordable upholstery cleaning prices furniture cleaning has never been easier. Clean furniture is not only aesthetic, but it is also important for your health. If one of your family members has asthma or other respiratory problem, then you definitely need our upholstery cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Houston uses only safe green cleaning products that kill bacteria and germs living inside the upholstery fabric. Hire us and your furniture, carpets and the entire apartment or house will be cleaned to perfection.

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